Real Estate Photography Resources

Resources for photographers who want to learn various techniques for successful real estate, interiors and architecture photography.


Rich Baum Photography
Free Youtube Tutorials for Real Estate
Mostly focusing on ‘flambient' technique, flash mixed with ambient light.
Youtube Channel - Workshops

Nathan Cool Photography
Youtube Tutorials

Real Estate Photography System
Business, Marketing, Pricing, Editing - A paid for mentoring service
Some free videos to show you the kind of content Darryl includes

Mike Kelley Tutorials on Fstoppers
Paid tutorials that cover everything from basic real estate photography with lights to high end hotel photography
1 - Mike Kelley- Light Painting with Flashes
2 - How To Photograph Luxury Homes and Advanced Photoshop Techniques
3 - How To Photograph Hotels, Resorts, and the Business of Commercial Architectural Photography

Free General Resource for RE Photography

Houston Brown Tutorials

Shooting with Flashes Course (Scott Hargis)
Paid course on using flashes and getting your images right in camera

Real Estate Photography with Scott Hargis on

Guess & Check

Real Estate Photography Tutorials by
Birmingham Home Photos

Photigy - Alexanders real estate course


Shawn Talbot - Architectural Photography
Single youtube video about shooting a mansion


Creative Live - paid courses on every aspect of photography


Kim Smith Tutorials

Shooting Spaces Podcast
A podcast hosted by Rich Baum and Brian Berkowitz about all aspects of the industry